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Fizikaflex helps seniors live independently through a fun, community-based health improvement program. An attractive and easy to use digital health platform empowers individuals to take control of their health through daily tracking of exercise, hydration, sleep and nutrition, as well as volunteer, social and learning activities.

Fizikaflex helps seniors adopt healthy, physically active lifestyles that enable independent living and reduce the risks of cognitive decline.

Our easy to use digital health platform provides self-monitoring tools, a motivational community and educational content to empower seniors to take control of their health.

Research in brain science shows a positive correlation between exercise, nutrition, water consumption, sleep and socialization in preserving and enhancing brain health. Developed from this research, Fizikaflex motivates seniors to make healthy choices on a daily basis that can improve health outcomes.

Fizikaflex makes it easy to monitor daily inputs of food, water, sleep and exercise so you can preserve your brain health as long as possible. Easy data entry through a smart phone or tablet, the Fizikaflex Daily Health Journal takes just a few minutes to input. Weekly reports show the progress being made toward personal goals.

Fizikaflex helps senior living communities document how wellness programs keep members healthy. Administrators can create teams of users to enable healthy competition.

Fizikaflex helps caregivers monitor loved ones to ensure they are following daily protocols to aid recovery and reduce risks of injury.

Administrators view a customized dashboard where participants' data can be entered and viewed.

Coordinator's Dashboard

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Looking for ways to become more active and have fun?

Exercise StrengthExercise FlexibilityExercise CardioExercise Balance

Designed by a fitness professional who specializes in working with seniors, these exercises serve as a guide for how you can improve your overall physical health by focusing on the core parameters: cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility. As you improve through repetition, you can advance from the Beginner, to the Intermediate, the Advanced and Super Hero levels.

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