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Did you know that what you do everyday has an impact on your brain’s health? Fizikaflex makes it easy to monitor daily inputs of food, water, sleep and exercise so you can preserve your brain health as long as possible.

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Fizikaflex helps seniors live independently through a fun, active community-based health improvement program.

Why Fizikaflex?

Healthy Foods

Easy Tracking

You can easily enter your data and earn points through this easy to use website. Your daily entries will be tabulated securely and entered into the leaderboard where you can see how you are doing compared to your neighbors.


If you use a smartphone or wearable fitness tracker, simply enter the number of steps you achieved each day. If you are looking for ways to track your steps, and don't have a smart phone or wearable fitness tracker, contact Fizika for ideas on other ways to track your daily steps and active minutes.

Step Count
Everyone Wins

Everyone Wins

Earn points every time you enter your daily activity. Bonus points are available for logging your social interactions – such as meeting new friends, learning new skills or volunteering.

Looking for ways to become more active and have fun? Download a sample of the Fizikaflex exercise guide!

Exercise StrengthExercise FlexibilityExercise CardioExercise Balance

Designed by a fitness professional who specializes in working with seniors, these exercises serve as a guide for how you can improve your overall physical health by focusing on the core parameters: cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility. As you improve through repetition, you can advance from the Beginner, to the Intermediate, the Advanced and Super Hero levels.

Thank you for your commitment to build a healthier you!

If you are interested in what we are doing or would like to discuss joining a future pilot, please contact us. We would love to chat.

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