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4 Resilience

Fizika is a founding partner in the Collaborative4 Resilience, a joint venture between four women entrepreneurs who share a passion for education that can help people overcome trauma and become resilient through comprehensive professional development for educators and administrators, parents and students.  ​A tiered approach, that’s rooted in a culture of collaboration and safety, is the best way to make sure that all staff, students, and families are included in a trauma-informed approach.
Our team of compassionate educators is available to craft a customized program of professional development to meet your organization’s needs.
Fizika Group has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide continuing education for Pennsylvania educators who need to earn Act 48 credit hours to maintain their professional licenses.  Our AUN number is 300369785.


Building Resilience Through Understanding and Trust
Mindfulness I
Developing a Learner: One Child, One Brain
Trauma in the Classroom
Introduction to Complex Trauma