July 21, 2021

Fizikaflex helps seniors stay strong and withstand COVID-19

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 is a wake up call. Fizika joins the global public health community in advocating for personal wellness practices by seniors that can help them withstand the devastating effects of the novel coronavirus. Our application, Fizikaflex, can help millions of seniors live healthier lives by following a daily protocol of exercise, nourishment, hydration, sleep and socialization that can build their brains and their immune systems. We are offering our unique application for free to anyone who signs up. Take a look, try it on for size, and join a global network of seniors who want to improve their health, and that of others.

Fizikaflex is a smart wellness application designed to help seniors stay healthy and active. Our goal is to empower seniors to make healthy choices everyday that have been found to reduce the risk of brain and cardiovascular disease. You can purchase Fizikaflex for yourself – or for your family. Caregivers find Fizikaflex helpful in documenting the daily exercise, nutrition, hydration and sleep of the loved ones they serve. Join our supportive community of seniors and caregivers who look out for each other.

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