About Fizika

Fizika uses a unique blended focus on cognitive science and physical fitness to develop solutions that educate, motivate, monitor, and facilitate behavioral change during the most critical periods of a lifespan to help children and adults  become physically active and healthy for life.

Fizikaflex is a product of b_Fizika, LLC, a Pennsylvania Benefit Company whose mission is to help vulnerable populations adopt healthier lifestyles that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline and cardiovascular disease.  Developed and tested before and during the pandemic, Fizikaflex continues to receive accolades from users and administrators for its ease of use and ability to motivate participants to improve behaviors through healthy competitions.

Core Team

Martha Lester Harris

Martha Lester Harris is an entrepreneur who has spent a lifetime developing solutions to complicated problems in both private industry and government. Before founding Fizika, Martha founded EHR software company InnerLink, Inc., she served as COO of Pennsylvania’s Workforce Investment Board, and she served as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) in governor Tom Ridge’s administration for 5 years. Prior to joining the Ridge Administration, Martha served as Director of Economic Development for the Pittsburgh High Technology Council where she founded the Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center, the organization now known as Catalyst Connection. In 2005, Martha was named a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania by Governor Ed Rendell. She earned a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a B.A. from Dickinson College. She earned a Master’s of Divinity degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary in May along with a Certificate in Anglican Studies. She looks forward to expanding Fizika’s holistic approach to wellbeing by staying strong in body, mind and spirit. She is interested in working with faith-based organizations to help vulnerable populations address health challenges.

Kathryn Harris
Digital Media Specialist

Kathryn is passionate about our mission at Fizika - and country music. A graduate of Alvernia University, Kathryn has grown up with our company and helped shape our mission. She archives digital media and creates visual content for our social media posts. When she is not helping Fizika, she can be found playing with her cats, Mocha and Latte.

Advisory Board

Mary Lynne Berick
Executive Director at Organon & Co.

Senior level new product launch supply chain and innovation expert. Excelling in external manufacturing and supplier relationship management. Proven exceptional risk reduction and value creation capabilities. Extensive experience in leading and executing successful strategic initiatives with global cross functional teams. Mary Lynne was the catalyst for the new Bioprocessing Institute established by Thomas Jefferson University in partnership with the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin, Ireland.

Jeanette Diamond
Wellness and Staff Development Coordinator

Employee wellness has developed as a focal point through completion of a Neuroscience degree at Dickinson College, which included independent research examining the effects of chronic stress, and annual analysis of the employee wellness program aggregate data at the college. Looking at workplace wellness holistically to include all aspects – biological, psychological/emotional, financial, intellectual, spiritual and otherwise – allows for a better approach to wellbeing and Work Life Balance.

Dian Traisci-Marandola
Public Health Nurse

Locally, she impacted the health of children in her community as an elected official on New Milford, Connecticut’s Board of Education where she authored the school district’s Wellness Policy. After 9-11, Dr. T. Marandola launched Public Health Associates, a company staffed by ten RNs to support local and regional public health as her company led the recruitment of 120 nurses and physicians to form local public health emergency preparedness protocols, establish health alert systems and implement emergency drills. Dr. Marandola took her preparedness skills to Children’s Health Fund as she administered primary care for children impacted by health related social needs. “Nurses Without Walls” describes her work providing disaster primary care post-Hurricane Katrina to the New Orleans community. In service delivery, Dr. Marandola saw an opportunity to impact RN transition to practice by championing the development of a Nurse Residency Program for 28 home care nurses, annually. In the Philippines, her advanced practice skills were used to clear 27 children for surgery; to advocate for child protection programs and to lead the establishment of a home-care and hospice programs for people with complex illness and their caregivers who live in two low resourced communities.

Francis X. McKee
President, St. Andrew Development, Inc.

As President of St. Andrew Development, a health education company with a particular emphasis on designing and deploying health education and intervention programs into economically disadvantaged communities, Frank serves as a business mentor to Fizika. His passion forLi using Internet-based technologies to improve access to needed health care information and services in underserved areas has helped frame Fizika’s strategy for fostering healthier communities by serving vulnerable populations across the lifespan.

Chris Sciamanna
Professor of Medicine and Public Health Services Penn State Hershey Medicine

Dr. Sciamanna is a gifted doctor and passionate about helping the medical profession value exercise as a prescription. Founder of BandTogether, a fun and easy to use group exercise program for seniors, Dr. Sciammana explains the need for this program on his LinkedIn profile. MY MISSION: Create, test and scale social exercise programs that people really enjoy doing. THE NOT-SO-OBVIOUS SOLUTION: 90% of people don’t exercise enough. They tell you it’s because they don’t have time, yet they watch hours of TV each day. Dr. Sciamanna’s track record for getting seniors moving while creating new social connections has helped shape the design and implementation of Fizikaflex.

Michael Murphy
Health Solutions Consultant