July 21, 2021

Fizikaflex Wellness Journal

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still underway, and in fact, appears to be surging,  the way we live has drastically changed these past nine months.  Many of us may feel that we have lost control as we shelter in place, and refrain from seeing family friends out of concern for spreading the dreaded virus.  

One way to re-gain control is to cook your favorite comfort food.   After a long day of mask-wearing and video chats, hanging out with Netflix on the couch instead of your friends becomes the ultimate treat. We have gained an excessive amount of time in our homes (and our pajamas) while lacking the valuable morning walks to work and casual hellos in the hallway. As we courageously adapt to this new way of living, it is essential to reconsider how to cultivate a new sense of self-control.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, it can be hard to take a step back and bring focus to ourselves. The idea of making time for exercise and grocery shopping for a diet feels like an added stressor. With the Premier Edition of the Fizikaflex Wellness Journal, we aim to show that personal wellness does not have to be treated as a chore, but rather an integration of your current lifestyle. Through various circumstances and backgrounds, everyone experiences healthcare differently in a way that is not always equitable. Fizika believes that information in regards to our personal wellness is a human right and should be accessible to all. As Art Designer for Fizika Group, I integrated these beliefs into the strategic design that is demonstrated in the Fizikaflex Wellness Journal through:

Thanks to our partnership with SeniorsBlueBook (www.seniorsbluebook.com), the Fizikaflex Wellness Journal is being printed and distributed at no cost to affordable housing communities in Lancaster and York Counties beginning in November.  You can check out the special features of the Fizikaflex Wellness Journal here:  Wellness Journal Page.  To request printed copies,  complete  the form on the Wellness Journal page.